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The close interrelationship of the commissioning, production and functions of music and the visual arts in the Renaissance (c.1400 to 1600) has been increasingly recognised by scholars across multiple disciplines. But as research skills have evolved and become more suited to the specific historical needs of individual fields, the study (and experience) of music and art has occurred largely separately. Running from February 2013 to February 2014, this student-led AHRC collaborative project between the Courtauld Institute of Art and Royal Holloway will develop research training for students of musicology and art history within a framework of public accessibility and engagement, and seeks to ask new questions as a result of sustained interdisciplinary contact and synthesising scholarly approaches.

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  1. Geoff Chew
    January 14, 2013

    With all the reservations I’ve had over the years about Joseph Kerman, I will say that the “History of Art and Music” he produced in collaboration with H.W> Janson in the 1960s was a useful textbook to use with generalist undergraduates in those days – quite an eye-opener for some of them – requiring them to think across both fields though treating them separately.

    • renaissanceartandmusic
      January 15, 2013

      Hi Geoff, thanks for visiting the page. I can imagine how useful the Kerman book was pedagogically in standing Renaissance art and music side by side and letting the readers/students draw their own conclusions about possible links or incompatibilities. We are gearing the research training meetings to PGs and UGs, so we would definitely be keen for your observations and experience from teaching.

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