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Video Pairing: Agnus Dei – van Eyck and Josquin

This is the pairing example we used as an introductory excersize at our first training session. Just thought I’d post it for those who couldn’t make it. It was interesting to see how art historians approached the painting, the music, and the painting and music together… and how it was similar and different to the things the musicologists observed. We will certainly have more music people at our next event, 15 April: Event Schedule

Ghent Altarpiece
Artists: Jan van Eyck, Hubert van Eyck
Created: 1432
Dimensions: 11′ 6″ x 15′ 1″ (3.5 m x 4.6 m)
Media: Oil paint, Wood, Tempera
Museum of Fine Art, Ghent

Agnus Dei from Missa L’Homme Armé Sexti Toni
Josquin des Prez ( 1450/1455 — 27 August 1521)
Recording by: The Tallis Scholars


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