Renaissance Art and Music

: the space between

Counterfeit Renaissance II

Audio recording from: Counterfeit Renaissance II

Please click the link above to hear a recording of the talks that day (apologies for the mediocre quality, my iPhone did the best he could!)

At our most recent seminar, 27 June 2013, RA&M hosted guest speakers Stuart Frost (British Museum), Helen Deeming (Royal Holloway), & Jennifer Sliwka/Albert Godycki (National Gallery).

  • Stuart spoke of his experiences using and presenting music alongside objects and works of art in galleries at the British Museum/V&A.
  • Helen presented a case study on the use of musical notation in art, and how/why artists choose to depict musical notation (as distinct from other musical symbols, eg instruments) in images.
  • Albert and Jennifer talked about their experiences/the challenges of incorporating music into art exhibitions, including in the new Vermeer and Music exhibition at the National Gallery. 


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